Web Designer

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Career Summary

Web Designers design and create the code to modify a website's function and layout accordingly to what their clients wish for. They do their best to design a site or page that looks appealing with a clear method of navigation, and design simple enough to be user-friendly.

Web designers are exposed to business stakeholders and executive management regularly, which allows them to apply alot of their expertise to solving several technical problems.

Web designers have an average annual salary of $70,660

Additional Facts

All web browsers render websites differently, which is why it's important that when designing a website, you use code, font, and other essentials that are web-safe, which means they should work fine on all browsers.

Website code moves as fast as technology, therefore a 2 year old website may be considered outdated with their current code, so that's why web designers work hard to make sure their website is up to date.

Some more coding is needed to make a website visible to search engines.

How To Get This Career

In order for someone to become a web designer, several skills are required, and they are as follows:

-One must have a great understanding of UI (User Interface), cross-browser compatibility, and how web pages function.
-A consistent amount of communication with co-workers is required.
-Experience in planning and delivering software that is used across different products and organizational units.
-Expertise and hands=on experience with web apps and programming languages. (Such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, APIs, etc...)
-Great knowledge or hands on design experience with web services such as REST, SOAP, etc is needed.
-A strong grasp of security principles and how they all apply to e-Commerce applications.