The Top 10 Universities/Colleges for Computer Science and Their Websites

Carnegie Mellon University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stanford University

University of California---Berkeley

University of Illinois---Urbana---Champaign

Cornell University

University of Washington

Princeton University

Georgia Institute of Technology

University of Texas---Austin

Degrees Needed for Software Developer

-Bachelor’s degree
-Computer science
-Software engineering
-Related field
-Degree in mathematics
-Computer science degree program is common
-Computer science degree program covers broad range of topics

Degrees Needed for Web Designer

-Bachelor’s degree related to computer science

Degrees Needed for Computer Engineer

-Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or electrical engineering
-Degree from ABET-accredited program (optional)

Degrees Needed for 3D Animator

-Associate’s degree in graphic design
-Associate’s degree in digital media or computer animation
-Bachelor’s degree