Computer Engineering

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Career Summary

Computer Engineers are people who are responsible for working with internal computer components and do testing, researching, designing, and development of computer components, hardware, or even the computers themselves. The kinds of parts that they work on are chips, analog sensors, circuit boards, keyboards, modems, routers and printers.

Sometimes, Computer Engineers may be involved in the manufacturing of components, along with their installation, and also work on the developement of software that runs on computers. They also concentrate in a specialty area with more fields, like systems and computations, or artificial intelligence (Also known as A.I.).

Computer Engineers have a median salary of about $103,430 per year.

Additional Facts

While Computer Engineers Work in teams, they can consist of those are actually not engineers.

A part of some of their job is also capable of including training their clients on how to use the equipment they use.

Most computer engineers usually work 40 hours a week, thus their high pay.

They can work in many diffrent insutries.

Skills Needed For This Career

Not taking where the degrees can be acheived into consideration (Please see our degrees page), the following skills are needed before obtaining this career:

-Bachelor's degree in computer engineering or electrical engineering
-While optional, a degree from an ABET accredited program grounding from Math, Science, or Computer Programming.