3D Animation

Career Summary

The 3D Animation career focuses on hands-on training in the fundamentals of computer animation, and includes surface mapping, motion, distribution of volume, lighting, and 3D perception. People also work with computer animation production, graphic design for animation, 3D Modeling. digital imaging, and on some occasion, video game developement.

Mainly, the key points about computer animation is to create moving images in 3D using computer software. People use it for the creation of briefings, brochures, multimedia presentations, promotional products, and so forth. Needless to say, a lot of movies today are made with this or make use of this at least once.

3D computer animators have a yearly salary that is roughly $58,510 a year.

Additional Facts

The 1995 film Toy Story by Disney and Pixar was one of the biggest driving factors in the 3D Animation genre due to the success of the film, being the first feature film to be in CGI.

Interestingly, students at the New York Institute almost had this title, but due to various setbacks, they did not.

In 1600 BC, Pharaoh Ramses II had a 110 column temple constructed, dedicated to a goddess. Every column had a painted figure of the goddess, and with the images being repeated, they slowly but progressively changed in position to make it seem to be in motion, making this one of the biggest precursors to 3D Animation.

Skills Needed For This Career

Not counting the needed degrees (See "Degrees" page), some specific traits are needed in order to have this career. They are as follows:

-Technical Skills
-Experience with computers
-Portfolio or a Demo Reel


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